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"We are all captives of our own identity"




"Realizing that what Mr. Shatner did was so unique […] was very liberating because I knew that if anything I had to run in the opposite direction to make any mark of my own on the part. And that’s not to say there wasn’t a conversation early on about I might be able to use little nuances from his performances to use on my own." (Chris Pine)

# i have to say # the little ways in which pine evokes shatner in xi are stunning # he really is a tremendous actor

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Perfect post is perfect.



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I do not like complainy fandoms, like, if you all hate this stuff so much, why not just go and stop being a fan?



Kill the idea that naivety is an unforgivable flaw but cynicism is just wisdom, murder it, chop it up and serve it for dinner, I don’t care, just end this bullshit idea that it’s better to hate than to love and better to rot in miserable bitter resignation than to hope for the best.


Huh, hehe, I was just reading an article which mentioned that there is some scientific evidence that suggests optimism might actually be better for your mental and physical health.



naah son you know what

in the reboot movies, you only ever get to see glances of the scenes, you can never really take in everything that’s there in the space of the scene or the shot. after looking through scott chambliss’ portfolio of the sets of both st09 and stid, it’s occurred to me just how much there is in these sets that i’ve just completely overlooked, and when visioning the characters there, i somehow forget that entire consoles are in the way because i look at it as if it’s exactly the same as the tos set but spiced up. but it’s not???? the entire layout is different???? and i really wish we could get a better look at it????

i’m just gonna sit and stare at these pictures for the next few hours bc wow they’re so different

also his pictures of nibiru are fucking stunning

actually, here, go check them out!

the portfolio

Mmm, but that way there is something new to discover every time you watch the movies? I usually find that a rewarding quality in movies / TV shows.
Also thanks for sharing the link, these are some nice pictures and they’re also good fanart references :D


taken from Amanda Grayson’s personal photo archives

in tos i-chaya was already quite old when spock was a boy but really i just wanted to see baby spock with baby i-chaya that’s all 

Could anyone who calls the upcoming Star Trek movie Star Trek 3, as if the other, you know, ten movies never happened, please take a one-way trip to Mars? Thank you.



inish this sentence: i want to f

lick you in the face. let me flick you in the face. this is what i do to people.  this is what i do to whole countries. 


Lana Winters gets everybody confused since 1964

They proceeded to whack the ball around for a solid, sweaty hour. Uhura was a fluid athlete and had played competitive racquetball in school, so she enjoyed a teacher-student role reversal. Spock mastered the court geometry quickly, figuring out shot angles. His superb agility was surprising too. And of course his swing was powerful. But Uhura’s deft touch was unbeatable.
“That’s match,” she called as Spock lunged and missed yet another of her crafty low lobs that dinked off the front wall.
Spock, who had spoken little during the match, picked up the ball and handed it to Uhura.
“You are quite good,” he said, smiling.
Uhura hadn’t seen a full smile from Spock in weeks. She felt a little weak in the knees.
“Thank you,” she replied.
“Would you like some lunch?” asked Spock suddenly.
“Uh, sure,” said Uhura.
“I discovered some anomalous fricatives in the Romulan phonology database we are building from the Cheron recordings,” he said. He stood up. “I would like to discuss them with you. Have you ever been to the faculty dining hall?”
Uhura raised her eyebrows. “No!” she said. “That’s an honor for which I feel … unworthy.”
Spock smiled again. That’s two smiles, counted Uhura. He’s almost giddy today.
“I assure you, it is no great honor to eat there, as the food is rather ordinary,” said Spock. “But if it were, you would be more than worthy.
Now Uhura smiled.

from “The Gemini Agent” (Starfleet Academy novel series)

/crossover with the comics
Cuteness alert. This reminds me that I often forget he can, in fact, smile.

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Maybe slightlyt out of character for Spock, but this does help me come more to terms with Spock/Uhura. :D